Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Heres a shop sign that Im really proud of. It was an auction piece, with the proceeds going to a great group of fellas. Harball in NJ is now the proud owner and rockin proudly in his shop above a killer Honda.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

For Sale

Good Running bike, would be perfect to ride or chop. I have clean NYS title/regi, motor is a 72' and frame is a 71'
The motor has a fresh rebuild, and Boyer Brandsen electronic ignition.
Starts on first kick everytime!
I found something else I want so this one needs to go. Ride it as is or throw a bit of cool paint on it and off you go
$2300 or best offer.
Make an offer. Whats the worst I can say no?
Also would trade with cash out of my pocket for Shovel or K model sporty.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Skills of TroyFab

Awhile ago I was looking for a set of finned motor mounts for my next Triumph build. I caught a few here and there on Ebay but really wanted to keep it amongst friends. All I did was happen to mention that I was looking for a set and Steve (TroyFab) took it upon himself to hunt down a set of stockers, order the tooling (yes tooling...NO water jet shit here) and set out on a quest. Well the end result is a modern marvel. This man has the skills to pay the bills and far exceeded my expectations. Straight up great guy to deal with, he has that Salt of the Earth mentality which is all but lost in this day and age. Im Hyped to have gotten the prototype set to test fiment for Steve. Im sure their spot on and lookin good. Check his site out for more real craftsmanship. www.troyfabrication.com

Front Street Cycle RULES!

Craig at Front Street makes some of the slickest fenders in the business. So its only natural that he uses Rabbit Foot Customs for his stickers! www.frontstcycle.blogspot.com